The Teenage Crossroad

Teenage (age between 13- 19) is the most sensitive and the most difficult stage. This is the stage where a child can either make or break the future. But, it is even more difficult for parents. As the child enters the teenage s/he not only goes through physical changes but also social, mental, and behavioral changes. The new perception starts building with new thoughts and liking.

The child starts building a sense of independence and self-reliance. But sometimes due to the lack of communication and understanding in parent-child, negativity appears in the child. This negativity sometimes becomes impossible to control. Many problems occur in between child-parent due to the communication gap. These gaps result in a child’s inability to express and sometimes this negativity grows to the extent that the child even thinks that parents will not actually understand them. The virtual world they spend their time in and the friends they hang out with become their true well-wisher. Their peers and friends understand them better and even more than their parents.

2000s teenagers

Every relationship in this world relies on trust and understanding. This is one of the most important ingredients that hold and strengthen any relationship. In the absence of these, even the strongest relationship falls apart in a moment. In this generation of technological advancement, teenagers are growing physically and even technically but that emotional and mental growth is still missing.

Today’s generation is lagging in understanding and trust with their parents. They have involved themselves in technology, gadgets in such a way that they have forgotten the pure relationships. They only know the real world but do not actually understand the worth of it.

Everyone goes through this teenage stage. I have experienced it too but why teenage is becoming a matter of concern today? How is it now different from the teenagers of ’90s kids?

21st century kids

Technology is truly a gift to us. The emergence and evolution of the internet have connected us with people far from us. But it is true that it has also disconnected us from the people close to us. The virtual world has taken the place of the real loving world. Kids today spend their time more on social media rather than spending quality time with their family. The early and easy accessibility to gadgets and the internet is one of the reasons children blaming the generation gap. And has resulted in a clear perception of ‘ Parents don’t understand ‘.

Technology has emerged as a great wall of hurdle in front of the teenage generation more than they expected. Moreover, they are making it even higher to be jumped off. The new skills of snap, emailing, texting has dominated the interpersonal skill.  In fact, a teen spends more than the average time on social media.


I had very late interaction with the internet and gadgets as being a 90’s kid and this actually led me to compare how different these two generations are. We spent most of our time with the family whereas watching today’s kids is totally different experience.

90s kids vs todays kids

’90s Kids: Playing in the playground all evenings, Nightout with friends, and talking all night was a regular thing. 

Today’s Kids:  ” Hangouts” in restaurants and talking has become texting ( only emojis).

They spend little or almost no time with family. Shorter the conversation, the trust, and understanding keep on decreasing which keeps on adding weightage to the generation gap. The possibility of disagreement in everything becomes high. The collision of different thoughts creates grudges and makes parents their enemies.

Feelings like excitement, irritation, anger hits much frequently and easily among the teenager and such that it becomes difficult to control. Yes, ” company determines personality’’ sometimes most of the actions are influenced by peer pressure. It is very commonly seen nowadays. The pressure of showing superior from peers and friends does come out to be a distraction sometimes like getting exposed to injurious toxic items and various other activities that might be considered illegal.

What is the solution now?

Parents with teenagers

Teenage is a crucial age much like a raw pot which takes the same shape as it is given whether good or bad that is why it’s important to head towards the path which leads to positivity. It is good to keep up the pace with technology and utilizing it but realizing the worth of the real-world is important. Everything goes both ways it’s not just the child who needs to coordinate but parents too need to guide their children so that they do not feel hesitant in expressing their feelings. Conversation heals many grudges and this is all that is required sometimes. It is important to maintain a healthy atmosphere wherein a child is completely fearless in sharing things he/she usually shares with the peer group.

Parent’s assumption towards changed behavior of their child does not prove to be true every time So, instead of assuming it’s better to try to walk in their shoe. Understanding is always a solution. A little privacy is mandatory in everyone’s lives, it is a good idea to give your child a little freedom and opportunity to get exposure of various social and important part of the society. Self-exposure is an important factor in the development of a teenager as this helps them to analyze the creativity and perspective towards various elements of the world.

Home, being the first school of a child and parents being the first teacher, the strictness and freedom should always be balanced in the home. 

Its high time to realize

Because of various unusual feelings during teenage, love and care from parents might feel annoying sometimes which creates distances in the relationship. But there is no love purest and strongest more than the parent’s love. If you are a parent or an elder sibling reading this, just don’t let your child ever feel alone. This is you who can hold. Please stop underestimating your child rather start understanding your child.

And, if you are a teenager reading this I would tell you that yes this is the golden time you are in. you have that ability to drive the world according to you. Never ever leave the habit of sharing things with your parents. They will guide you the way no one ever could. Just trust them

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