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7 Best Workouts at Home – No Equipment Required

Weight Lifting is what most of us think of when it comes to maintaining physical health. But maintaining good physical health is more than just weight lifting. There are many workouts at home you can try which equally help in building your perfect body.

Is it really necessary to visit the gym every day and spend a large sum of money when you can get the same result at home without any type of equipment?. Well, it’s not. You can get your desired body within a few months with little more hard work at your own home.

Let’s dig up into some of the workouts at home which give you desired result.

1) Squats

Squats target the lower muscles of the leg which are the gluteus, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and lower body. Performing squats at correct postures helps in strengthening the core muscles.

squats at home


  1. Stand on your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms stretched forward.
  2. Try pushing your thighs down in the sitting position with the spine and upper body keeping straight.
  3. Keep on lowering your body until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
  4. Your knees should be extended in the same directions as your toe.
  5. Exhale and return to the start position and do the next step.
  6. 15 rep of 3 sets (15×3)

Benefits of squats

  1. Strengthens the lower body.
  2. Squat helps in improving flexibility.
  3. The best exercise for building muscles.
  4. Squats help in improving joints.

2) Push-Ups

Push-ups are a great upper body exercise targeting the shoulder, arms, and Triceps which you can do anywhere. This can be a really tough bodyweight exercise. It requires the engagement of the core and the use of the upper body to be efficient.

push up at home


  1. Start by lying down on the ground facing down and chest touching the floor. With feet together and body engage in one straight line.
  2. Make your palm touch the floor with your elbows folded.
  3. Make sure your arms are aligned with the shoulder.
  4. Try pushing yourself up from the ground and coming down back to the ground.
  5. 15 rep of 3 sets (15×3)

Benefits of push-ups

  1. Strengthens the upper body.
  2. Push-ups can be a great warm-up exercise.
  3. Push-up helps in maintaining and building core muscles.
  4. Helps to enhance the cardiovascular system.

3) Plank

plank at home

Planks are the core strengthening exercises that involve maintaining a straight one-line position for the maximum duration possible. 30 sec of daily planks can result in reducing belly fat effectively.


  1. Start by lying on your belly with your elbow right below your shoulders and legs straight.
  2. Tuck your toe under and press into your toes and your forearms to lift your body from the ground.
  3. Try making a plank-like position, straight and aligned.
  4. Relax your neck and look at the floor.
  5. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Keep upgrading the time as you get stronger.

Benefits of Planks

  1. Planks are one of the best core exercises.
  2. Helps in burning belly fat.
  3. Planks improve flexibility.
  4. Keeps the body posture correct.

4) Lunges

Like Squats, Lunges also target the lower body muscles with hamstrings, quads, and glutes. It helps to build up strength and tone your body, especially your butt and legs. Lunges can be performed with different variations proving different benefits.



  1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hand on your waist.
  2. Take your right leg forward and lower your body until your right thigh is parallel with the floor.
  3. Return and switch to the other leg.
  4. 15×3

Benefits of lunges

  1. Strengthens the lower body.
  2. Lunges help to prepare muscles for sports like football and running.
  3. Lunges help to maintain balance and stability.
  4. Muscle mass is gained with regular lunges.

5) Burpees

Burpees are a full-body exercise used in strength training and aerobics. It is the collection of 4 different body strengthening movements combined to make a complete set of an exercise. Burpees is a good warm-up exercise and is proven to burn belly fat faster than any other exercise or diet if performed regularly.

Burpees at home


  1. Stand with the head aligned with the heels. Pull body down with the knees wide. Hop up and right back down onto the squat position. ( make sure it’s a soft landing)
  2. From there, make your hand come down with the knee wider than the elbow. Sit in the position so that you can kick yourself back.
  3. Keeping the back flat, kick the legs out in a plank position. Shoulder right over the wrists with the body straight from head to heel.
  4. Lower the plank, coming straight down and coming back up.
  5. Jump the knees on the outside of the elbows so that the knees are tracking over the toe. This will lead you to the very first standing position.
  6. Continue performing the positions in a row.
  7. 15×3

Benefits of Burpee

  1. Burpees are the best exercise for fat burning.
  2. Engages full-body movement.
  3. Burpee can prevent many cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Burpee helps in strengthening.

6) Forward Crunches

Forward Crunches are a classic core and focus especially on your abdominal muscle. It is supposed to burn fewer calories but as they move in a controlled manner flexing and releasing core muscles, it is more helpful in building abs. If you want great abs then this exercise is for you.

forward crunch


  1. Maintain posture lie flat on the floor and hands behind the head.
  2. Pull the upper body and crunch forward. Try squeezing the muscle just below the ribcage.
  3. Do not bend your neck forward.
  4. After reaching peak position. Return back to the 1st.
  5. Breathe in as you come up and breathe out as you go back to the flat position.
  6. 15×3

Benefits of Forward crunches

  1. Crunches target the major core muscles.
  2. Stability is maintained.
  3. Crunches help in burning belly fat.
  4. Regular and correct practice of crunches can lead to abs building.

7) Mountain Climbing

mountain climbing

Most people get confused with the name of exercise and think it is not one of the workouts at home. But it’s one of the best workouts at home and the mountain climbing exercise concept has been derived from real mountain climbing. What if your floor becomes the mountain you walk on. Well, the concept and exercise both are the same except one is done at a home. It is a great exercise for beginners targeting weight loss. You can easily add a mountain climbing routine to your exercise speeding up each time while running against the floor. This exercise targets the entire body from the abdomen to the legs.


  1. Start in the push-up position.
  2. Bend your right knee towards your chest and keep your left leg straight.
  3. Quickly change the position with another leg
  4. Try doing as much as you can for 30-40 sec in each set.

Benefits of mountain climbing

  1. Targets the core strength
  2. Mountain climbing is a full-body exercise.
  3. Mountain climbing can be a great help in reducing belly fat.

You are now all set to target your muscles and maintain great physical health with these few workouts at home. Keep focusing and have a great body. After all, we all know Health is Wealth.

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