why startups fail

Top 5 Reasons Why Most of the Startups Fail

It’s common to have a plan for a startup among the youths these days. Most of you have probably thought of the idea and may have also discussed it...
Smiling Faces

How Does Smiling More Make You Happier?

Although no word is used in non-verbal communication, it can efficiently express many human emotions as accurately as verbal methods of communication. Smile is one of the most fundamental...
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Toyota

Are Hydrogen Fuel Cells Really the Future of Transportation and Is Better Than Evs?

We have been using fossil fuels enormously. It is limited and its large use is also not good for our atmosphere. As fossil fuels are used in almost all...
coca cola recipe

Does Coca-cola Really Have a Unique Recipe to Survive for Over 150 Years?

A well-recognized soda drink or we can say a soft drink, Coca-cola commonly known as Coke has been able to gain people's interest and attention for over more than...

Materialism – Distraction From True Bliss

Are you a materialistic person? Is there anyone who use the material and physical goods, such as money, luxury items, car, property and not feel happy? These physical goods...

Top 5 Movie Directors of all Time

Just five? Oh gosh, that’s hard. There are so many great filmmakers, alive and dead, that it’s very difficult to narrow it down to just five. But again, who doesn’t...