Top 5 Movie Directors of all Time

Just five? Oh gosh, that’s hard. There are so many great filmmakers, alive and dead, that it’s very difficult to narrow it down to just five. But again, who doesn’t...
Anger Management technique

How to Control Anger – Complete Guide to Anger Management

So, What is anger? In simple words, it's just an emotion which we usually feel towards others or ourselves for doing something not acceptable to us. It is often...
how to use linkedin more effectively

How can we use Linkedin more effectively?

Linkedin is a globally used application. It's not only used for applying for jobs but also to increase professional visibility among corporate people and companies. Various people...
Teenagers with parents

The Teenage Crossroad

Teenage (age between 13- 19) is the most sensitive and the most difficult stage. This is the stage where a child can either make or break the...
Friends Cast

The ‘ Friends’ Cast: Then and Now

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, an American tv series released in 1994 was able to grab our attention easily since the first episode. Can you believe Friends was released 26 years ago and...
Corona Mental Health

5 Ways to Improve Mental Health During Pandemic

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus in China changed the lives of people all around the world within a matter of time. Even saying this feels an understatement compared to...